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Custom Baseball Bats

I know everybody says their bats are "premium" or "high end" but seriously??   It's not possible that EVERYBODY sells top end bats.   

I don't pretend to be doing this all by myself.   This world is built on collaboration.   

I've always said, If I'm the smartest person in the room, then I'm in the wrong room.

I once heard a school leader many years ago proclaim that his job was "not finished until every student was ABOVE THE AVERAGE".   Lol.   Just think about that for a minute, then ask yourself who is REALLY getting the best wood from the saw mills.   Somebody is getting better wood than the other guys.   So who is it??

The answer = Simply put, it's the friends of the sawmill.  The boutique spinners who have been doing it the longest and it is the guys they know.   Quite frankly, as it is in the rest of life, it's all about knowing the right people.  So officially, welcome to our team.   We can be your guys.   Well...  That's because we know a guy.   Who is our guy?   Simply put, he's Yoda.   He's the guy who has been making the very best bats for more than 25 years and is widely known in the league to be a true craftsman - everybody's "go-to" for everything related to bat-making.   We are blessed to have him making every Bush League Bat.

Our bats are made right there in the heart of baseball - Cape Cod, MA and are sent to us here ready to hit.   You get to design your color scheme, engraving and knob stamp configuration to fully spec out your very own custom, premium baseball bat.   

Pumped to get swinging?   Us too!  Let's do this.

We will have some for you at the shop inside ReMax Field in Edmonton.   Come check us out on the concourse behind Section H during Riverhawks home games.  Feel free to contact us early to check size and color availability.   

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